Blog Worthy Blogger’s Remorse

I think I may have coined two new phrases.   Since it may be that these phrases have previously been read or heard by me, and have been hovering on the periphery of my consciousness only just now flying into focus, I’ll wait a while before I take home my prize.

First, there’s “blog worthy”.   I’m mentally tripping over blog post ideas.  In the wee hours of the morning, while I was lying in bed ostensibly trying to sleep but actually composing in my mind a blog post on the writer’s conference as a speed dating event, I tried to think of a description of  that pivotal moment of the speed date, and also the writer’s conference table-meet, involving “the elusive and intrepid art of the exchange of the digits–which is a whole other blog worthy topic that we will address in due course.”  Aside from liking my thoughts on the writing conf/speed dating stuff, and liking my thoughts on the art of the exchange of phone numbers, I’m quite taken with this “blog worthy” thing.

Then there’s the other phrase, “blogger’s remorse,” which should win first prize in whatever word coinage competition there may be.  I happened on this one when I was replying to Otto’s “Hiya” email.  I was telling him how I had just launched my blog.  I’d made only one entry, but had already experienced “blogger’s remorse (why did I write that??  It’s too revealing!  What will people think???!)”, and edited myself.  “Blogger’s remorse”…it just capture’s it, right?

 The whole blogger’s remorse thing ended up leading me to some really good thoughts re:transparency in blogging as well…


6 responses to “Blog Worthy Blogger’s Remorse

  1. People watch. Great ideas come from just watching people. Or blog by telling everyone your top ten most regrettable sins! There are ten posts right there!

  2. I’ll give you the prize just for admitting that you stayed up at night dreaming about blogging. (Many bloggers do, you know, but may not admit it!)

  3. This post cracked me up. You should shadow L.L. to see how she comments. Pick a thought. Write two sentences in response. I can never write fewer than four or five. Or six.

  4. Mark, that was funny. (Not the part about shadowing me!)

  5. a.anjeanette

    Linda–thanks for visiting! I don’t think I’ll be posting my most regrettable sins anytime soon. I want to be transparent, not shunned. 🙂

    LL–yeah, the blog is always on my mind these days (and nights). I guess I’m a little intoxicated with all the possibilities. And having such fun!

    Mark–Wow, you came to my blog! Thanks. Without a doubt I’m going to be lurking in the shadows of quite a few bloggers in the weeks to come.

  6. Otto Haugland

    Dear Long Island Express Girl,
    Welcome to the blogging world. Your honesty will take you a long way.

    As a fellow rookie I wish you well. My remorse appears to have had a short duration. I have already gone back into posts and changed my wording a few times (this is so much better than the remorse from hitting the send button with email).

    I think you have a better internal screener than you realize. Also your blogger buddies will tell you when you have crossed the line. I invite input from you if I ever have a honesty moment that is TMI.

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