Current Events Coming Soon

Back at last.

When I returned from California after the amazing Mt. Hermon’s Writer’s Conf and a few extra days in the sunshine, I went immediately to bed.  Then it was Easter Sunday, dinner with family, and home to get ready for work on Monday.  On Monday I started blogging in earnest and was up very late.  Tuesday I was at work until 1am preparing for a one-day trial on Wednesday.  Wednesday, after my trial, the love affair continued.  I was up all week until the wee hours indulging my new blogging passion.  Then on Saturday I crashed.  Slept into the afternoon and awoke with a stomach virus.  Sunday more of the same.  Monday thru Wednesday I worked accompanied by the sounds of coughing, sniffling, sneezing, and nasal congestion (my co-workers were delighted).  I took Nyquil every night.  Thursday, I sneezed once or twice and only coughed some.  I skipped the Nyquil and tried to blog, but the sentences made no sense.  Instead I returned emails.  Friday, I did not sneeze and only coughed a little.  I went out to dinner and chatted on the phone.  I must be better.   I must blog.

Saturday is Current Events Day.

It’s hard for me to work up a good care about current events.  The News is so very sensational, and then so over and onto the next sensation.  What care have I of defense missle reduction talks in Russia when CB has realized that he’s ready to marry and have a family and I have realized that I could not ever marry CB (or at least that I should not consider marrying him though he’s definitely cool people)? 

My me-centric world view notwithstanding, trolling around the blogosphere has revived for me current topics of interest and has stirred Opinion in my breast as to same.

Next Saturday I’ll get on expressing one or two.


5 responses to “Current Events Coming Soon

  1. You make me laugh. I like that.

    Sorry you were sick. (Oh, and blogging did that? Horrors. : )

    Who is CB?

  2. milestogob4isleep

    Hi LL! Thanks for the re-plug on Seedlings. CB is the most recent man that I am not marrying. He’s hip-hoppy, and attractive, and a Christian who is not all that into the things of God. Moreso the Giants.

  3. I know that wasn’t supposed to make me laugh (not marrying somebody isn’t so amusing). But it did anyway. That thought about the most recent man you aren’t marrying gave me this quick little vision of a long line of unfortunate men. : ) I guess you could make a little scrapbook just of that.

    My grandmother once told me it is worse to marry a man who is bad for you than to not marry at all. I think she knew what she was talking about.

  4. milestogob4isleep

    L.L. you know it’s dangerous to say things like that to an older single. They might take that advice (and that bad-for-you-man) and run with them both! 🙂 I do think the mating ritual is funny, though; the throwing back and being thrown. It’s a mystery to me how people actually accomplish a marriage.

  5. You make me smile, A.

    And speaking of being single, I thought you would really like this from Lattes and Rainy Days…

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