Three Quick Good Things

Three quick good things:

  • My “English major” envy has passed.  I admire the prosaic language of the English majors, but, for better or worse, that style does not harmonize with my voice.  I don’t tend to go on with fanciful descriptive passages in my writing.  In fact I’ve been known to skim over such passages in my reading, expediting my way to the point.  Henceforth, I’m pleased to celebrate my direct and truthful voice.  God has made some to describe in detail the meadows and the stars, and in so doing to woo men to Him.   God has made others to use less description, and more directive in their writing, and in so doing to hasten men to Him.  Then there are others who are made by God, not to woo or to urge, but to explain and convince, and in so doing to win souls of men for Him.  And on it goes.  There are a variety of plantings growing in the garden of the Lord.  Since I have been made an orange tree, I shall not strive to produce mangoes.
  • The path I took to finding an excellent, informative post on blogging:

Mary DeMuth blog rolls Sally Stuart.  Sally Stuart posts on blogging .  A comment for Sally from Kristi Holl leads me to her blog, Writers First Aid, where she recently posted “Successful Blogging Made Easier.”  Which post, in turn, linked to Terry Whalin’s blog.  Kristi Holl writes:

My friend Terry Whalin (agent, editor, writer) was in New York recently, where (among many other things) he was on a prestigious panel discussing successful blogging. See the article here. This is a description of the panel. “If you’re thinking of creating a blog or looking to improve your current template, this is a must-attend session.  Panelists will show how to achieve professional results when it comes to generating buzz, cultivating an audience, and writing the kind of content that gets you noticed by editors.”

Terry was very generous and posted his handout (which includes a free blogging e-book offer). The handout is simply loaded with links to help you make your blog all it can be. I hope you’ll take advantage of it. Thanks, Terry!

  • I had a wonderful dinner with friends last night, continuing the month-long celebration of my birthday.  BBQs in the West 70s for dinner, then the Mozart Café nearby for dessert (yummy).  Over rotisseried chicken and a Forest Berry tart we shared about church, work, men, and men some more.  There was laughter, there was candor, there were moments of clarity.  Powerful is simple fellowship, let me tell you.  I’m committed to making time for more of such gatherings throughout the remainder of the year.









3 responses to “Three Quick Good Things

  1. Better blogging. Well, you actually blog pretty much the way you need to…

    – honest
    – short bits
    – personable
    – good voice (in your case, intelligent and funny)
    – link to others
    – comment on other blogs

    Okay, I didn’t read the linked article. But in my humble opinion and experience, this is what keeps ’em coming back or gets ’em here in the first place. : )

  2. milestogob4isleep

    Thanks LL, you are soooo encouraging! So glad you’re back!

  3. Hey Alease, great job, and I think I will keep coming back. I like getting “schooled” on the blog thing, as I want to get better at it. =)

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