3 More Quick Things

About the English Majors.  I continue to suffer from relapses of envy.  Not as to matters of style, but definitely as to matters of form.  Yes.  Syntax, grammar, sentence structure, these do not come easily to me.  Reading my workbooks, I realize that I am rather familiar this subject, these rules.  Observing the rules in my writing, though, is where my challenge begins.  The English majors make proper usage seem natural, as natural as speech itself.  I must be lesser-than, language impaired, to have to concentrate so to get it right.  Right?  But just as my heart began to waver, Maya Angelou helped me:  Some critics will write ‘Maya Angelou is a natural writer’ – which is right after being a natural heart surgeon.  I’m not the only one concentrating hard to get it right, it seems.

Surfing the blogosphere, I came across a very interesting post about the increased level of c-sections that are being performed in America and the risks posed thereby.  It caused me to realize that almost every woman that I know who has given birth in the last 5-10 years has done so via c-section.  That’s downright curious.

I had dinner on Saturday evening at the Outback.  Our waiter had the ear-tingling Southern drawl of the actor who was in The Wedding Planner with Jennifer Lopez.  He said, “I’mon go ahead and get yall some honey butter to go with that…”  Plus he kept touching my arm as he spoke.  I’m sure it was all affected.  Nevertheless, my sister and I left a big tip.  J


3 responses to “3 More Quick Things

  1. Wow, you must really like honey butter to leave that big of a tip! I bet you’ll be back for more. 😉

  2. touching…
    i must think about things that are touching.

  3. Love that about the tip. Isn’t it funny how we can go along with the syrup even when we have a hunch it’s sugar water? : )

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