It’s God Who Draws Us to Retreat

Recently I posted about time I spent away in California that was transforming for me.  Experiencing, in a completely unstructured way, the mountains, the sea, the warmth of the sun, the chill of the wind; as well as visiting a new church and seeing faces representing the world’s diversity of people groups, was satisfying and rejuvenating for me.  This rejuvenation came at a time when single, professionally-and-spiritually-burnt-out me, needed rejuvenation.  It was a successful retreat.


My friend Bonnie is a Harvard educated stay-at-home mom.  She relocated to Virginia so that her husband could pursue graduate studies at Regent University.  Bonnie mothers three young children, and spends her days creating a beautiful and peaceful home for her family, while trying to stretch a limited budget.  For her, spending time alone, much less time alone in California, is as likely as her walking through her closet to Narnia.  But when I last spoke to Bonnie, she told me that though time and privacy are in short supply, she often has moments that feel like retreat with God.  These moments surprisingly occur for her in the shower.  Something about the ritual of bathing giving her mental freedom, and the steady warmth of the water soothing her senses, I think.  Bonnie finds Godly insight, direction, and peace, even when not explicitly sought, in these few moments that she is alone and, literally, naked before the Lord.  This is a successful retreat.


It seems, then that it is God who draws to retreat.  We go on our way willing to seek, but not necessarily knowing how we will find, where we will find, or what we will find.  On our journey, though, unerringly, the Seeker of our souls finds us, and we find that we have had a successful retreat.


A special note to readers: This post is part of the Group Writing Project “retreat, retreat, retreat,” sponsored by Laity Lodge. As part of their sponsorship, Laity Lodge is offering a 25% discount to all readers of High Calling Blogs, or of this blog, for three retreats. (Just ask for the “ discount.”)

Also, I’m hoping that since I have chosen to, participate in the writing project myself, that I may  win a FREE retreat!  I’ll let you know if I do.


3 responses to “It’s God Who Draws Us to Retreat

  1. I think I said this somewhere else too… but it redefines “retreat” as “advance”… God’s, into our little spaces, in love and desire and embrace.

    So glad you got in under the wire! : )

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  3. Otto Haugland

    A. An,
    Twice last week I took extended time to connect with God. It was amazing in how my mood was lifted.

    This week I felt too busy and and didn’t take the time. This week my mood and accomplishments were way down. I will plan some more time .

    I will also have to take a full retreat with my Lord soon.

    Best wishes on winning a retreat

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