Literature Comparatively

(Lazy day musing)


Books that, to my mind, beg for comparison:


Girl Meets God and Stone Crossings

(Lessons learned by two women on their journeys of faith)


Paradise and The Great Gatsby

(Unsuitable (poor) boys fall for well-to-do girls, part from girls, become insanely wealthy, try to win girls-who have fallen in love with eminently suitable men-back)


Breakfast at Tiffany’s and Sophie’s Choice

(Adrift NYC apartment dwelling heroines of “foreign” origin, with liberal sexual mores, transform themselves into fashionable New Yorkers courtesy of the men in their lives, both are secretly admired by a male neighbor who is not in the same league, both books are narrated by said neighbors who drop homosexual cues in the narrative)


The Known World and The Confessions of Nat Turner (A Novel)

(Madness begetting madness among slaves and others in the antebellum South; both won Pulitzers)


Howard’s End and The House of Mirth

(Elite classes of England and America in the early Twentieth Century and what becomes of women of such classes whose characters and ideals do not quite fit the prevailing mode).


OK, since you insist, I’ll rate them.  Stone Crossings preferred far and away; liked Paradise more than Gatsby I’m not ashamed to say; don’t bother with either Tiffany’s or Sophie’s, the movies were better; the writing in Known World was more excellent than that in Nat Turner, though both were good overall; House of Mirth outpaces Howard’s End by miles and miles and miles.


What book overlap occurs to you?


One response to “Literature Comparatively

  1. I love comparing books. And I LOVED The Known World. Though I can’t think of any books to compare, off the top of my head.

    (Hey, thanks for the nice words about SC, here and on Amazon. Encouraging!)

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